We have the parts for your 2.5, and 5 ton military trucks. Many are not listed, call for what you need. 507-676-2972. NOTE: Prices are subject to change.


"It's the service after the sale that counts"
Army 6x6 LLC specializes in conventional style cab configured M35, M809 and M939 series 6x6 trucks. We can assist with all repairs by supplying individual parts to larger major components such as transfer cases, axles, etc. Having repaired 100's of these trucks let our expertise help you get your 6x6 back in top operating condition.

WE HAVE ALL THE PARTS FOR M939,923,923A1,923A2,925,925A2,931,931A2,929,929A2,927,927A2,928,928A2,  

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All Prices Subject to Change

Limited Supply of M939 series hardtops available. These are used takeoff genuine US military hardtops not fiberglass reproductions. Steel constructions with insulation. Rear sliding glass window. Prices range from $2,450+ depending on condition. We will ship!
Hardtops will fit BMY, Harsco and AM General M939 series variants M923, m923a1, M923a2, M931, m931a1, M931a2, M925, M925a1, M925a2, M936,m936a1, M936a2, M927, M927a2, M927a1, M928, M928a1, M928a2, M934, M929, M929a1, M929a2, M934a1, M934a2, M932, M932a1, M932a2, M930, M930a1, M930a2

M939/939A1 ALTERNATOR for NHC 250 Cummins
Brand new not rebuilt 80 amp Alternator kit includes the double V belt pulley installed for the NHC 250 Cummins diesel. Alternator will not fail and ramp up to 60 volts like the OEM alternator can which can damage gauges, ABS computer, etc. Alternator comes with two new drive belts. Install requires no change to wiring harness, easy install with supplied bracket. Kit includes all hardware needed- no part runs needed for a bolt, belt, etc no drilling, etc. These have proven to be more reliable than the OEM alternator at less cost. $399.

M939, M939A1, M923,M925,M927,M928,M929,M930,M931,M932,M934,M945, M923A1,M925A1,M927A1,M928A1,M929A1,M930A2,M931A2,M932A2,M934A2,M945A2

PIGGY BACK BRAKE CHAMBER for M939 series 5 ton fits M923, 925, 931, 932, 927, 928, 932, 925, 936, 929,930
For both A1 and A2 series Spring Brake. NEW Bendix part. Not NOS. $285. We can walk you through the install.

Protective Control Box
Upgraded Version with Silver Contact Tips to replace the old copper tips prone to contacts sticking M939 and M809 series 5 ton protective control box. This control box is the most updated version and will work with the older M809 and newer M939 5 ton trucks. This control box provides reverse polarity protection, controls alternator output, locks out starter If transmission is not in neutral. Part is new production and made in USA. $275 plus $16 for shipping. CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES

24V to 12V Converter. 2 year warranty.
This item allows a military semi tractor to adapt to a civilian trailer. It is available in two formats: trailer with air brakes and trailer with electric brakes; Non ABS and ABS capable. The Non ABS version sells for $390. Call for pricing on the ABS capable unit. 1. It is made in the USA. 20AMP lighting capability 12 Volts @ 20 Amps (240 watts lighting power) • Surge Suppression • Overload Protection • Automatic Reset • Water-proof • Plug & Play (no wire cutting or splicing) Compatible with: 3 Lever or Push Button Light Switches. Call for available options.

FAN CLUTCH ACTUATOR for M939a2 and M939a1 5 ton. Fits both NHC 250 and 8.3 C series Cummins diesel. No adapter needed for install unlike most being sold. American made part. NSN 2930012855027 $259 each.

TORQUE ROD END BUSHING with Integral Keeper Bar. NEW
5 ton Rubber Torque Rod End Bushing with Integral Keeper Bar. Minimizes the chance of axle moving causing damage to other components and losing control should rubber insert fail. Great price for added security. Bushing Fits existing dog bone.
-- Install requires special tool, $90
-- Complete Torque Rod Assembly, the torque rods are powder coated to reduce rust (dogbone and bushings with safety bar installed). Call for pricing on purchase of 6 or more. Nuts and cotter pins sold separately $12.92

NEW -- Heavy Duty METAL Torque Rod end
5 Ton All Metal Heavy Duty Torque Rod end End Bushing alone ( All Metal ) - $234 Complete Torque Rod Assembly, dog bone with all metal bushings are also available. Call for pricing.

HEATER CORE for m939, 5 ton truck. These are well built and New production, more durable than the original. Inlet and outlet hose orientation matches the m939 oem heater for a clean install with no modifications. These fit M923a2, M923a1, M931a2, M939 series. We can walk you through the install. $230 each.
Also have the heater core with same construction with straight outlets for the M35A2, M54 and M809 series $ 230

M939 series 5 ton and M35a3 windshield wiper blade. 14" long $11.95 M939 series 5 ton valve stem grommet. These fit the pictured style valve stem which is not included. If you have a leaky tire these are often the culprit. $7 each for grommet.

M939 14” wiper blade. New production which will fit all M939 series 5 tons with air wipers such as M923, M923a1, M923a2, etc. Also fits M35a3 and M35a2 trucks with electric wiper upgrade. $11.95 each. ...

M939 Heater Fan and Blower
M939 Heater Fan and Blower Assembly for m939 series 5 ton trucks. 24 Volt with separate ground. Motor is improved over the OEM motor and other substitutes. This motor has a capacitor for longer life. Install is easy with the fan already attached, no modifications required. $190

NEW M939a2 serpentine belt for 8.3 liter Cummins C series diesel.
3912004 NSN 3030012713754 $39

... NEW, HIGH CRANKING SPEED STARTERS, FOR FASTER STARTS. ESPECIALLY HELPFUL WITH THE 855 CUMMINS . SAVES ENGINE WEAR AND WEAR ON ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS. new not rebuilt Starters for Cummins NHC-250, Cummins 8.3 C series and multi-fuel diesel available call with needs for various models. NHC 250 starter brand new $425

Fuel tank sending unit for m809, m939 and m54 series 5 tons. If your fuel gauge is not reading or not reading the fuel tanks capacity accurately the fuel tank sending unit is often the culprit. We can walk you through the install. $58.50.

Steering wheel
For M35a3 2.5 ton and M809 and M939 series 5 tons^^^
Great for replacing the hard plastic OEM steering wheel which is prone to cracking. This steering wheel has a light texture and is slightly cushioned for improved grip. We can walk you through the installation process. $150

PRESSURE PROTECTION VALVE for the M939 series. Closing pressure 65 PSI. adjustable 1/4 inch pipe thread ports on inlet and outlet. $30.

FAIL SAFE ALARM: Brand new, not surplus, fail safe alarm. This has an audible alarm if your parking brake is applied or your truck has low air pressure. $178.

Allison MT654CR 5 speed close ratio automatic transmission for M939 series 5 ton trucks. Transmission works with both A0 and A1 series NHC250 Cummins and A2 8.3 C series Cummins powered 5 ton M939 trucks. Transmission is drained of fluids. Torque convertor is included. We can help you through the installation process. Part ships with shipping container which is 56"x30"x36 and approx 1,100lbs total weight. We ship and can export. $5,600, CALL TO CONFIRM PRICE.


NEW ITEM: PTO Kit for M939 series 5 ton trucks:
Cable shift, single speed PTO for all M939 5 tons with 855 Cummins or 8.3 Cummins with MT654CR transmission. Kit includes installation instructions, mounting hardware, indicator light, shift cable, gaskets, oil line hose and safety decals. This is an aftermarket kit not military OEM. Ratio 0.514:1 torque 250lb ft output shaft 1-1/4" inch keyed. We can walk you through the installation. $540

Soft Top New 3 color Camo M939 series $340 No Picture, ships in bundle.


M939 5 ton soft tops.
Good selection of take off insulated vinyl green camo and tan soft tops in stock. $125 per top without steel bracing. Soft top bracing and support bows also available at additional cost. Fits BMY and AM General m939 5 ton, m923, m923a1, m923a2, m925, m925a1, m925a2, etc.
New soft tops - $345 green camo.
M939 5 ton, M809 5 ton and M35a2 2.5 ton soft top braces available:; passenger side bracket, two back rods and 3 roof supports. $75 for kit as shown in picture. Soft tops also; available in tan and green colors. Call with needs. We ship!

5 ton air filter for m939 and m809 series trucks. New production not old surplus. Fits M923, m923a1, m923a2, m931, m931a1, m931a2, etc. nsn 294000144657. $90 each.

ABS BRAKE ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
For all M939 5-ton military trucks and the Oshkosh MK48 LVS trucks. If your ABS light stays on and the 15AMP inline fuse is blown, a likely cause is the ABS ECU has failed. $199

5 Ton Zippered Knuckle Boot
5 ton zippered knuckle boot for m939 and m809 5 ton trucks. We have tried different brands of knuckle boots and this mfg seems to be the most durable while also being more pliable for an easier install. $40 each.


Rockwell M939 Transfer Case, Model T1138, 2spd high and low range. Unit is good take out. $2,950.
REBUILD units also available. $3790.

Windshield washer pump for all m939 series 5 ton trucks. $52.00

NEW ITEM: M35a2 2.5 ton master cylinder. This is a new unit and not rebuilt. This will not fit m35a3 trucks. PN 7539267 NSN 2530007539267. $90 each. We also have rebuild kits available.

NEW ITEM: Lots of Gauges!! M939 5ton m809 ton and m35 m35a2 available. Temperature, air pressure, oil pressure both mechanical and electric, tachometer, speedometer, etc. call with needs. We also have sending units and drive cables.

NEW ITEM: Hood latch for m939 5 ton. $79.50 each

Fuel shutoff solenoid for m939a2 8.3 C series Cummins engines. This is NOT a cheap unreliable Chinese might fit part. Made in USA genuine Cummins OEM supplier part. $157 each.
CTIS CONTROL VALVE for M939A2,M923A2,M931A2. Take off as is. $225 each.

NEW ITEM: Treadle valve for m939 series 5 tons. This is a Bendix OEM part and works with ABS and non ABS equipped m939 series trucks. NSN 2530011126435. $185. Valve only available at this time. 

NEW ITEM: Air brake parts for m939 series 5 tons. Call with needs. We can help with your installation questions.

NEW ITEM: Need seals? We have them! All M809 and m939 series 5 tons and m35 m35a2 seals we carry. Pinion seals, wheel seals, etc we can walk you through the install. No old surplus seals, all are new production! Single seals and kits are available. Call with needs!

LIGHT SWITCH. Brand new production (not old surplus) 3 lever light switch for the 2.5 ton m35a2 m35a3 m809 and m939 series 5 tons and m38 m151 and Hmmwv models. $58

Lights- headlights, tail lights, clearance lights, instruments lights, Body parts, weather stripping, Stop Light switch, Low air switch. Flasher Unit.

WINDOW REGULATOR. New right or left hand (passenger side door) window regulator. This fits 2.5 ton M35a2 M35a3 and 5 ton M939 and M809 series models such as M818, M813, M923, M923a2, etc. $89

DOOR LATCH: New production left or right hand door latch for 2.5 ton m35a2 and m35a3 trucks and m809 and m939 5 ton variants such as m818 m813 m923a2 m923a1 etc. $86

EXTERIOR HANDLE: Exterior Handle $19; also have interior handle.

OPERATOR MANUALS. Various M939 and M809 5 ton operators manuals. Reading up on these manuals is a mandatory to familiarize yourself with your trucks operation. $30 each. Canvas and vinyl bags also available.

First Aid Kits

Various Clevis styles available. Genuine US military that came off front bumpers. $30 each.

PTO: M809 series 5 ton PTO for Spicer 6453 manual transmission. PTO was removed from used m816 wrecker. Call for price: (507) 676-2972

NEW ITEM: CTIS parts for m939a2 trucks. Good take off CTIS parts from controllers, wheel weights, covers, air hardware, etc. Call with needs. We also sell the hardware to disable CTIS.

Warning triangle kit. Comes with three triangles. Required to be DOT compliant with most commercial vehicles. $10 for as pictured/like new. $8 for good used.
Jerry Can items(2)
Jerry Can nozzle with screen on end. $15 for like new. $10 for good used.

Jerry Can holder used take offs. Both tan and green in stock. $30

Trailer harness approx 12ft long. We also have some longer harnesses available if needed. Most are like new. $35 for 12ft harness as pictured.

Bridge plates some are like new and some are sun faded. Like new $55. Sun faded $40

NEW, NOT NOS, radiators available for M939, M809 and M35A2 series call for price.
M809 5 ton Cummins powered military 6x6 trucks. Radiator is SOLD and is AVAILABLE. Fits m813, m816, m818, m820 and other m809 variants. Fan $30. Also have take out radiators for M939 series. 

M35a2 Transmission
M35a2 Spicer 3053A and 30535 speed manual good take out transmission. $645

939 5 ton A2 series CTIS controller.
Good used take out $70. Eaton model 6AC3500A01 will fit M923a2 M925A2 M936a2 M927a2 M928A2 M934a2 M931a2 M932a2 m929a2 And other A2 5 m939 models.

Transmission Cooler for M939 series trucks. It is a take off unit. Price is $ 585
Used on all m939 series trucks.

Used m35a2 oil pressure sending unit for multi fuel engine. $15

M939 5 TON MUFFLER. NEW ITEM: Muffler for m939 series 5 ton trucks. This will fit all m939 series trucks both A0 and A1 series with NHC 250 Cummins and A2 series with 8.3 Cummins power. $360. Need other exhaust parts? Please call us with your needs.

M35a2 multi fuel used Exhaust J pipe $65 Wiper motor air valve $7 Starter button $7

M939 5 ton good used Heater core and housing includes fan housing without fan motor $80; with fan motor $110.

M35a2 good used take out Air shift 2 speed transfer case. Rockwell Standard model T136 27. Brand new parking brakes. $450

Long wheelbase 5 ton 20ft tarp. Tan and green take off tarps in stock. Good used condition. $650 includes bows.

14 Foot Drop Side Bed off M923. M923 Dropside Bed- EXCELLENT condition- 2 in stock Approx 14' total length. 12'5" drop side section of bed- the front section if fixed. 34" to outside longitudinal, 28" to inside longitudinal. Great for restoring your M813 or for building or upgrading another flatbed truck.
A lot of bed for only $800 each. We can load.

Yanmar Diesel Powered Continuous 3kw Generators $1250. Multiple in stock and all have less than 75 hours. ↓ Yanmar Diesel Powered Continuous 3kw Generators $1250. Multiple in stock and all have less than 75 hours. ↓

Glad hand tire inflator with 30ft hose. Most are Milton air gauges. $45 for used units with missing glad hand adapter or that have air quick disconnect fitting end. These are sold as is.
Limited supply of new complete with glad hand adapter tested units for $80 each.

Lug Nut Wrenches with 3/4" for inner lug nut and 1.5" hexagon for outer nut. Longer Style in picture with bar $40 each. Shorter style with shorter bar $30 each- Shorter Style does not have 3/4 inner lug nut head just 1.5" for lug nuts.

Pioneer Tool Kit Tools- Call or email with what you need.

M809 5 ton inner fender shield $35

Used Large, Medium, & Small Straps commonly used in the cargo area in the back of 2.5 ton and 5 ton trucks to keep troops from falling out the back in rough terrain. Adjustable. 115" length by 1.75" width. Hooks on the driver side and passenger side troop seats. Great for parades or to;make your 6x6 look correct for shows, etc. $15 each. 20+ in stock. Used Medium strap- 1.5" width by 53" total length with hooks. $9 each. Used Small Strap 1" width x 13.5" length with hook. $9 each.

Whiffle tree for 5 ton wrecker. Used for m936 and m816 5 ton wreckers. Used take off in good working condition. 40” long. $150

Used Operations Manual Canvas Pouch approx 10" width by 13" length. Manual Books are not included. $12 for canvas. Newer vinyl style available $12.
Medium towbar with adjustable legs. Great for towing m35a2, m939 5 tons and smaller vehicles such as Cucv and HMMWV’s. Good working condition. $350.

Antenna mounts available of various configurations. $80 each.

M939 5 ton spare tire carrier Misc parts and also complete assemblies. We have a0 versions that work with the 1100x20 tire and also A1 and A2 versions that work with the 1400x20 super single tire. Call with needs. We can ship.

Boarding ladder for m35a2 and m939 and m809 5 ton trucks. Aluminum and steel ladders in stock. We can ship. $275 for aluminum and $200 for steel.

M939 5 ton cargo truck mudflaps which fit both m923 and m925 and m927 m928 amongst others. A great way to replace your bent, missing or rusty ones. $40 each including brackets. 
ARMY 6X6  Curved tire fender for m931a0, m931a1 and m931a2 semi tractors. Excellent condition take offs. Replace your bent, missing or rusty fender. $65 each.

MUDFLAP KIT. Good used mudflap kit for M931 and M932 semi tractors. $250

M16 rifle/gun holders for truck cabs.  A neat accessory for your cab.  Excellent take out Single rifle kit $40. Double rifle kit $65. Limited quantities available.

M939 5 ton 24 volt starter for NHC 250 Cummins Diesel. We have one good take out for $250 and one rebuilt unit for $300. We also have take out and new production starters for Cummins NHC 250, Cummins C series 8.3 and Continental multifuel diesels available.

Speaker. Unknown condition $8

M35a2 shock absorbers. Look to be close to new. Came off truck with bad engine. $50 for the pair. Hydraulic steering cylinder for m939 5 Ton. Removed from truck with bad engine. $150

Antenna base and antenna for various truck models. Most were removed from M809, M35 and M939 series 6x6 trucks. Base without spring mount for antenna $40. With spring mount for antenna $60. Antenna is $75. Limited quantity available.

STROBE LIGHT: 24v strobe light. We have other varieties and sizes of 24v strobes available. $20 and up. Call with needs.

Fire extinguisher bracket for cab. $5 each.
Mudflap brackets for M931A2, m932a2, m931a1, etc variant 5 ton semi tractors. D.O.T. Regulations require mudflaps on semi tractors. $75 for the pair.

Standard spring style seat for m35a2 or 5 ton. $125 without cushions. M35a3 style spring ride seat including cushions with bolsters as shown. A3 Seat and base as shown $275. We can ship! The A3 Style seat is comfortable and a nice upgrade. Seat cushions and covers Also available. Call with needs. Seat Belt equipment also available.

M939 series 5 ton new hard tops. These are brand new kits in the box. $2800 each. Limited quantity. We ship! Fits m923, m923a1, m923a2, M931A2, m931, m931a1, etc!

Driveshafts of various lengths for m35 . All used take take off. $75and up. Call with needs.

M35a2 multi fuel engine fan. $25

M35a2 multi fuel used starter $130

M35a2 grill guard $100

M35a2 used multi fuel air compressor $75

M35a2 multi fuel used water pump $50 (no picture)

M35a2 multi fuel used tachometer cable. $35

Call for pricing for: Engines, axles, drivelines, exhaust parts, bearings, air dryers, brake shoes, brake spiders loaded, wedges and other brake parts, Power steering pumps and repair kits, steering assist cylinder, steering gear ball joints and linkage.

If you do not see the part you need call us at (507) 676-2972, it is likely we have it. Specialize in M35, M809 and M939 series.