M939/939A1 ALTERNATOR for NHC 250 Cummins
Brand new not rebuilt 80 amp Alternator kit includes the double V belt pulley installed for the NHC 250 Cummins diesel. Alternator will not fail and ramp up to 60 volts like the OEM alternator can which can damage gauges, ABS computer, etc. Alternator comes with two new American made Bando drive belts. Install requires no change to wiring harness, easy install with supplied bracket. Kit includes all hardware needed- no part runs needed for a bolt, belt, etc no drilling, etc. These have proven to be more reliable than the OEM alternator at less cost. $349

M939, M939A1, M923,M925,M927,M928,M929,M930,M931,M932,M934,M945, M923A1,M925A1,M927A1,M928A1,M929A1,M930A2,M931A2,M932A2,M934A2,M945A2